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Our Story

Since 1990, Sevinc Urkmez dreams, 

draws and designes

for women who desire to feel special, 

unique and precious in every moment of their lives. 


After her graduation from Textile Design in Fine Arts, she set up her own workshop and in time she has made major strides in her own field. Mainly in Turkey, her brand has become the leader of The sector. 


Today, our brand has point of sales all around Turkey. Also you may see our procducts in many Turkish TV series. 


About Products


Our biggest and most important policy is not to compromise on quality. We work on each item like it will be our masterpiece. Each model carries a singular soul and our goal is to reflect the soul to its owner.


As For The Material


We import our satin and silk fabric from E. BOSELLI & C.. We use Sophie Hallette®and Riechers Marescot® laces in our special collections.

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